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"This was my second time using Gilbert’s, as the company had re-caned chairs for me last year and re-did some dining room chairs. Delighted to have them as a resource, as I just used them again to re-upholster a large chair, which came out beautifully, was reasonably priced, the pickup and and delivery were convenient, and it was just a perfect experience! Very nice people and excellent quality at a fair price."

- A. Bowman 

"Stellar work. I read a lot about upholstery before hiring someone, and Gilbert's Upholstery had all the right answers, materials, and workmanship. Super-nice people, no hard sell, true craftsmanship, family business. You can't do better."

- Jeanie M. 

"I needed a chair reupholstered and Gilbert's did a beautiful job, very professional, reasonably priced, personable,and a good time frame. Delighted to have the company as a resource for keeping my furniture in shape and looking new!"

- Andy B. 

"These guys are fantastic.  They do beautiful work, they're fast, and they keep in touch through the entire process.  I am sitting on the 90 year old settle they reupholstered (and pretty much rebuilt) and I expect it will last another 90 years.  I am very happy."

- Marianne P. 

Top notch! We are return customers to them. Their work is reasonably priced, work is immaculate. Highly recommend."

- Ida D. 


"Just had work done on 2 very old chairs. The first had fabric in good condition that just needed some fixing the second needed a new look. Long story short, they basically stripped both chairs down to the bones, completely restiched the first one( also got new springs and foam). The second they reglued and reassembled prior to recovering. Both look like they came off a designer floor. I’m VERY fussy and these chairs are GORGEOUS!"

- Maryellen G. 

"It was not inexpensive, but based on the research I did, it was a fair price for very high quality work. Gil Pons - one of the owners - came to my apartment to give me an estimate. He was very knowledgeable about antique furniture and clearly took pride in his work. He advised me on what types of fabrics would be appropriate for the period of my pieces, as well as what would wear well and look good. He also gave me advice after he delivered the finished pieces on how to care for them. In order to make the cost more manageable for me, he reupholstered my couch first, then my chair, since I couldn't afford to pay for both at once. I was consistently pleased in all my interactions with the expertise and professionalism of this company."

- Angie's list review

"I had my chairs repaired not only did they do a excellent job they picked up and brought them back. The prices are reasonable I would use them again."

- Nancy H.  


"Excellent customer service. Wonderful workmanship. Definitely recommend."

- Sonya B. .  

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